About Dr. Alton Ingram MD

Dr. Alton Ingram MD graduated Magna Cum Laude at Yale University. A Phi Beta Kappa member, National Merit Scholar, and William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholar, Dr. Alton Ingram MD served as Editor of the Yale Scientific Magazine and was the Founding Vice President of the Yale Libertarian Society.

After graduating Yale with honors, Dr. Alton Ingram MD attended University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center for his medical degree as a Southwestern Medical Foundation Scholar. He spent his fellowship at Centro de Estudios Ivo Pitanguy in Rio, Brazil.

Meanwhile, Dr. Alton Ingram MD completed his MBA at Tulane University where he was a Morton A. Aldrich Scholar and part of the Gamma Beta Sigma Honor Society. He earned his Juris Doctorate at the University of California Berkeley.

With his outstanding academic training and credentials, Dr. Alton Ingram MD has experience in different fields and industries, including Medicine where he has his own practice; Finance, where he worked at a quantitative trading-commodities hedge fund; and Law, where he worked at a personal injury law firm on the plaintiff side.

Medical Research Experience (Laboratory and Clinical Work)

  • Molecular Genetics Laboratory, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Laboratory of Michael S. Brown, Nobel Laureate 1985 Medicine or Physiology): Worked with cDNA cloning, protein characterization, and protein cloning.
  • Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Louisiana State University: Worked with prokaryote plasmid synthesis and incorporation of transposable DNA elements coding for essential amino acids into eukaryote native DNA.
  • Worked on development and early animal testing of various implants including silicone elastomer tendon rods, microtextured silicone breast implants, various soft tissue implant filler materials, ventriculoperitoneal shunts, and endoscopic surgical tools.
  • Participated in FDA trials of ultrasound-assisted soft tissue aspiration systems and medical lasers.
  • Participated in multiple post-approval trials of various medications, including chemotherapeutic agents, antimicrobials, antiemetics, and analgesics.

Volunteer Experience

Dr. Alton Ingram MD has participated and volunteered at the following organizations: Operation Smile, The Viennese Opera Ball of New York City (Benefits Committee member), Habitat for Humanity, and Doctors Without Borders