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A resident of Nashville, Tennessee, Dr. Alton Ingram’s practice focuses on all sorts of cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery except for craniofacial surgery.

Dr. Alton Ingram MD grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and studied Mathematics and Philosophy at Yale University. After obtaining his degree, he moved to Texas, spending nine years at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center where he obtained his medical degree and graduated from residencies in general surgery and plastic surgery.

Dr. Alton Ingram MD has published articles in peer-reviewed journals on human anatomy, surgical techniques, medical devices, finance, and law. Some examples of his work are:

Tup Ingram, AMP v. Myriad: The Product of Nature Doctrine Revisited, 29 Berkeley Technology Law Journal 385 (2014)

Tup Ingram, Gunn v. Minton, 29 Berkeley Technology Law Journal 1051 (2014).

Leslie McNew, Tup Ingram, Learning to Trade: It’s Academic, Futures Magazine, November 2009.

When Dr. Alton Ingram MD is not busy attending to patients, he spends his free time flying, going scuba diving, or exercising.

Despite his professional successes, Dr. Alton Ingram MD does not forget to give back to the community.

Member and Co-Founder, Professional Advisory Committee, The Flyer Forex Fund, University of Dayton, Hanley Derivatives Center

The Viennese Opera Ball of New York, New York: Major Donor, 2008; Member, Benefits Committee, 2008-2009

Volunteer Physician, FEMA Hurricane Katrina Relief, Gulfport, MS: 2005

Habitat for Humanity, Miami, FL, and New Orleans, LA: Volunteer: 2000, 2006-2008

Hospital Amazonas: Volunteer Surgeon, 1996-2003

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